Jesus Wept.

I flipped open tonight to perform a little studying and it went straight to John eleven:35.

Why wouldn’t it go straight to that?

Oh nicely, who cares… I liked seeing it, trigger ya know, it jogs my memory that Jesus was human and all that, and that’s ya know… like… necessary.

Then I began to assume a bit (that occurs sometimes at night time once I don’t have a child’s voice on repeat in my thoughts MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM… … … MOM) and I remembered that he was weeping due to his boy Lazarus being lifeless. However then I used to be all like “Wait. If He knew He was going to boost Lazarus from the lifeless… if He knew He was able to bringing somebody again to life… then why on earth was Jesus crying?” Critically… I needed to actually sit and assume on that for some time. And, plot spoiler, I by no means figured it out. (I’m positive there’s about eight zillion theories on that if you wish to look.)

What did seize me hastily was the connection to me… if I know that God is able to therapeutic me, if I know that God is prepared to assist me do issues that appear completely inconceivable, if I know that God needs me to be freed from this tomb of worry and fear and entrapment that I discover myself in… then WHY. AM. I. CRYING. !?!? I assume trigger I’m human… identical to Jesus was. However perhaps it’s time to rise up and get indignant and roll that massive ol’ boulder apart and faucet into the miraculous awesomeness of God. Perhaps it’s time to cease weeping. Perhaps it’s time to take motion.

Perhaps it’s time to consider.

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