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Ok here is the deal… There is nothing magical about this program, it is pretty simple. You eat a slightly calorie reduced diet 5-6 days a week and then very little 1-2 days a week (idk about the ppl that said they starved.. 2 shakes of about 300 calories, a 4-600 calorie meal and two snacks around 200 calories is between 1400-1600 calories a day – which is not starvation — altho it is a one-size-fits-all kinda plan). The “clease’ day is a huge caloric deficit which allows a person to eat more for the bulk of a week. In my case it also helped to get my stomach back to a normal size and eat smaller meals).

For me the shakes tasted like nothing. they smelled like they should taste like something but they actually tasted like nothing. They weren’t horrible and they were not awesome. The cleanse stuff is horrific! ugghh horrible. I never did 2 day cleanses only 1 day. The cleanse days really helped me to realise real hunger vs bored hunger or snacking hunger or i-see-i-want hunger. Many times I would reasess my “hunger” pangs and honestly for the most part I wanted to eat out of habit or boredom. Altho due to the increased water intake on cleanse days I would have to pee continually and it would wake me up at night as well. I did not and would not do any form of strenuous excersise while doing a cleanse day, and I have seen isagenix “reps” tell ppl that it is fantastic to do so which is a crock of crap. Sending your body into a severe caloric deficit and then forcing it to expense vast amounts of energy is a recipe for disaster physiologically.

The shakes themselves are pretty good quality for a meal replacement. Compared to pure protein shakes it is similar in price and is a fairly clean source.

Again here is the truth – if you alter your diet in a significant way, especially from a high protein/low carb perspective, you will see large losses – regardless of what you do (isagenix, macro counting, meal planning, paleo, atkins, etc). The first month your body will have a huge loss then it will level off as your body adjusts to the caloric change. Invariably regardless of the diet used the person will plateau as the body get used to the changes.

Isagenix can be very helpful to ppl who feel overwhelmed by making huge diet/lifestyle changes. It gives them rules to follow and a schedule to follow. And sometimes this is the start that a person needs to affirm their committment to a healthy lifestyle change! Everyone wants to win, and succeed! However I believe it should be a goal on anyone that uses isagenix to transition smoothly off of it, which requires learning about nutrition and meal planning while you are doing the isagenix program. I do not feel isagenix should be a life long thing – learning to have a healthy relationship with food, and an action plan on how to do so should be a life goal. In many ways isagenix can become a crutch. Even high level performance athletes change up diet and work outs to keep the body challenged. So eating the exact same way for years and years would not be as benificial as one would think.

At the end of the day do I like the product? Yes, I do think it is a quality product. Do I buy into their marketing about toxins? Not so much. Do I think it has a place in weight loss? Yes I do. Just not a permanent place. I do a 30 day program once or twice a year. I do have a firm belief in eating real food, for the most part of the year, but sometimes it is just easier to drink your meals and not worry so much about planning, weighing, and food prep.

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1 System Guide – Weight Management 1ct
1 AMPED™ Hydrate – Juicy Orange Flavor – sticks – 4 count

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