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I have a friend who is an Isagenix rep highly recommend the product, pushing me to buy a 30 day supply (he is in great shape and still lost 10 lbs when he started Isagenix a couple months ago – he uses it for energy for his workouts). I can’t stick to any diet, have no will power, and have 60 lbs to lose so I didn’t want to buy 30 days’ worth of product in case I didn’t like it (plus, it’s expensive). I didn’t want to “sign up” for the program through my friend, either, as I didn’t want any obligations; therefore, I researched the product on Amazon. I was VERY disappointed in Isagenix reps giving the product poor ratings simply because they didn’t think Amazon should sell it, so I was happy that some non-reps had provided high reviews. I liked that there was a 9 day program; that way I wasn’t too invested if I didn’t like it. The day my product arrived, I tried a shake – I don’t like chocolate, but this didn’t taste too bad, and now I actually look forward to my shakes. After my first day of trying Isagenix, I felt like I had a ton of energy and that night I slept great. (FYI, the product I received was not even close to expiring, like some of the reviews claimed.)

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I must note that I joined a gym three months ago (before I bought the Isagenix) and went at least 3 times a week; after 3 months, I had lost 3 pounds. I got weighed in every week and once a month my body fat and various body parts were measured, with not much noticeable decrease. I’ve been on thyroid meds for 6 months, which haven’t helped me lose weight, and I was completely discouraged – until I bought the Isagenix. I kind of stuck to Isagenix’ recommended program but not 100%; however, when I weighed in at the gym after being on Isagenix for a week, I had lost 7 pounds!! My coach was ecstatic! (So was I!) After being on the program for just a few days, I had definitely gained energy (but not in a jittery way) so I WANTED to exercise or at least be more active, and I noticed my craving for certain “bad” foods (especially my nightly wine) disappeared. I was never hungry and I felt great.

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I then bought a 30 day package (which comes with more “stuff” than the 9 day) through my friend (I still didn’t want to sign up) and after another week I had lost 5 pounds and over 1% decrease in body fat, plus all of my measurements decreased – my pants were too baggy, so I had to go down a size. I had to travel on short notice and forgot to bring my Isagenix with me; after two weeks without it, I was still down 10 pounds, so I was impressed that the weight didn’t just come back. I just signed up with my friend so that I can go on the Isagenix website and order whatever I want now, for a little less money; I can’t see me ever not using this product as I feel so good. Even when I hit my goal weight (I never thought I’d ever be able to say that), I will continue. It is expensive, but I no longer buy breakfast or lunch food (I have a shake instead) and then there are 1-2 “cleanse” days every week (you pee A LOT) and I don’t eat anything on those days (I never thought I’d be able to do that but it’s easy), so I’m making up for the cost in not food shopping. (I do make small separate meals for my husband.) If I had stuck to the program 100%, I’m sure the results would be even better, but I’m now finding I don’t have the desire to “cheat”. The results are so noticeable, that I’m more motivated every day. I lost another 5 lbs this week, and I’m so excited and feel wonderful. I appreciate Amazon selling this product so that people like me can see if they like it or not, without obligation.

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For all the reps that gave this product a bad review, shame on you! I almost didn’t buy Isagenix because of your low reviews, until I realized why you rated it low. The rating system is about the product, and once someone tries Isagenix, like me, they will most likely love it and find a rep in order to purchase it cheaper. My friend got me onto his private FB Isagenix group where tons of his customers post their amazing progress. I know products don’t work for everyone, but this worked for me and I’m sticking with it! I’m sorry this is so wordy, but I would have appreciated a review like this when I was desperately looking for help….

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1 IsaLean Shakes or IsaLean Pro
2 Cleanse for Life
1 Isagenix Snacks
1 Choose the final item to complete your 9-day
1 System Guide – Weight Management 1ct
1 Natural Accelerator™ – 60 capsules (60 servings)

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